The Economic Burden of Sports Injuries & Return To Play

Day 1 Focus
The Economic Burden of Sports Injuries & Return To Play

10.20 - 11.10
FC Basel 1893 Academy and the role of force data in training planning and return-to-play decisions
To reduce the dropout of talents and to increase performance efficiently FC Basel 1893 Academy relies strongly on objective data. A crucial part of the implemented test battery are force data measured with the Kistler MARS system (force plates and analysis software). During the workshop strength and conditioning coach Thomas Bernhard and sport scientist Sabrina Zingg from the academy (youth department) will present test modules to get insights in power output and how these force data are combined with other performance tests to get a complete overview of the motor abilities of an athlete.

12.00 12.50
The Connected Athlete: The Role Data Science Plays In Athlete Management
Phil Anderson, ‎Senior Account Manager, Kinduct Technologies
Callum Mayer, Client Success Manager, Kinduct Technologies

13.50 14.40
How To Identify Multi-directional Deficits In Elite Athletes (the game changing final 20% of rehab to optimise performance and prevent injuries)
Darren Finnegan, Lead Physio,GB Basketball

15.40 16.30
Engaging The Professional Footballer In Functional Rehabilitation Using A Humanistic Approach To Mitigate Injury Frequency
Johnny Wilson, Head of Sports Medicine,Notts County FC