Football Innovation UK 2017 Speakers

Tony AShgar

Managing Director, Revolution Global Sports Consulting

Tony Asghar has worked in the football industry for the past 18 years as a player agent, FIFA match agent and executive consultant to elite global football clubs and managers in a range of consultancy services. Highlights include organising pre- season tours for EPL, LA Liga and Serie A teams not only in Europe but also in USA, Australia and Asia as well as the recruiting of managers in the EPL, Championship and abroad. Tony works as an executive coach and mentor to many high-profile managers and performance staff in elite sport.

Having spent his early professional career (20 years) in Law enforcement with Strathclyde Police Force and working in intelligence and operations units within Scottish Drug Enforcement Agency he was tasked to infiltrate and disrupt organised crime groups throughout Europe.

As an advisor and lecturer on the UEFA Pro Coaching Licence course held by the Scottish Football Association and the NSCAA at their annual coach’s convention, Tony has provided advice on numerous aspects of the game. He also regularly represents a number of clubs who have qualified for UEFA competition and he is an advisor to clubs during their time within the tournament which includes representing the clubs at the UEFA draw at UEFA HQ in Nyon.

Tony has built a considerable knowledge base relating to high performance in sport organisations. Having worked in the industry over a long period of time, he has observed a number of changes in the industry and has advised numerous clubs on how to anticipate and adapt to these changes, with his own company now operation offices in Barcelona, Ostrava and Perth Australia his global network and ability to cross international boundaries in various aspects of football is utilised by clients (players and clubs). Tony has brokered international cross border transfers to countries such as Australia, USA, India and Kazakhstan to name a few. Currently he is working within the emerging markets USA, China and India
Tony is currently studying a Masters’ Degree in Sports Directorship which has enabled him to study extensively the use of Neuroscience in sport as well as the use of culture and DNA in high performance organisations and his new company Revolution Global Sports Consulting has allowed him to create an elite set of consultants from the higher echelons of sport and performance from clubs and associations such as Manchester United, Liverpool, Everton, Athletico Madrid, the British and Irish Lions and Formula 1.

This company is currently advising club owners and board members on how to create success culture and performance within their organisation.