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The Kistler Group is the global market leader in dynamic measurement technology. With − and for − our customers, we develop technology-based measuring solutions that push the physical limits, as we work together to break new ground: Kistler, for measuring systems and sensors that meet extreme challenges.

The Kistler MARS system offers a turn-key solution based on Kistler force plates and an intuitive dedicated software MARS that gives you a clear overview of the performance parameters that matter most for your athletes training, monitoring and rehab plan in a blink of an eye. The system quickly performs targeted evaluations with preconfigured test protocols such as SJ, CMJ, DJ and much more and helps you develop your athletes at an optimum level.

Indeed, Kistler MARS offers a solution for capturing fast movements and slight changes in the performance of athletes. The system supports frequent testing in a very short amount of time and allows a user-friendly data evaluation and comparison such as forces, power, acceleration, flight time and much more, in a customized report.

Thanks to the accuracy and long-term stability of the Kistler force plates even slight changes in performance over time can be detected and help strength and conditioning coaches, physiotherapist or medical doctor to evaluate and follow their athletes performances objectively for a maximum return on investment.