Football Innovation UK 2017 Speakers

Johnny Wilson

Head of Sports Medicine, Notts County FC

My role as Head of Sports Medicine at Notts County FC includes offering direction, support and guidance to all members of the Sports Medicine team to provide the best possible care for our athletes and communicating with the coaching staff and stakeholders to agree performance targets for the playing staff.

To ensure our footballers are achieving optimal performance levels I integrate an evidence-based model (science) with experience based evidence (art). Both elements are integral to devise performance strategies for our playing squad not only to tolerate the load required to train and compete as a professional footballer but to excel at this level.

I have a real passion for movement analysis when assessing, diagnosing and treating injured players as well as developing and delivering individualized performance reconditioning programmes.

Academically, I have completed degrees in both Sport Science and Physiotherapy as well as a PGCE in Primary Education, an MSc in Sport and Exercise Medicine and a postgrad in Manual Therapy with MACP accreditation. I am an associate lecturer on the MSc fro Sport & Exercise Medicine at the University of Nottingham and regularly lecture on the undergraduate physiotherapy course at the University of Nottingham as well..

There is a lot of potential to be professionally courageous and stamp my mark within this medical department, which I really enjoy.